A Missouri lawmaker loves corn dogs so much that he is proposing a bill that would make them the official food of the Missouri State Fair.State Rep. Ian Mackey, D-St. Louis, is the bill sponsor. He admits that the point of the legislation is to bring lawmakers together, even though some corn dog haters might be turned off by the idea of putting this bill into law.

“Filing this piece of legislation has began more conversations, been more of an icebreaker, than I think any other piece of legislation I’ve filed in four years. You never know what’s going to bring someone to the table,” he said. “I can tell you, there’s plenty of folks who began a conversation with me because they didn’t like the idea that a corndog would take precedent over, let’s say a fried pork tenderloin or a fried Oreo or any other fried item you might find at the State Fair. I understand where those folks are coming from – I don’t necessarily completely agree.”

Mackey said the best way to eat a corn dog is piping hot and with bright yellow mustard – not the fancy mustard.

“It’s the perfect walking around food, right? I mean, I love a pork tenderloin sandwich, but you’ve got to sit down. You know, there’s plenty of other foods you can eat that are going to run down your arm or make a mess or require a pile of napkins. That corndog, you’re just walking right up to that Ferris wheel line. You’re walking right up to throw those darts and break those bottles and win that stuffed animal and you’re eating your corn dog all along the way. You go, like you said, you go another 10 feet and there’s another corn dog. It’s just the epitome State Fair food,” he said.

The bill has not yet been assigned to a committee for review.

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