Ashland, Mo. native is a top-10 pickleball player in the world (LISTEN)

by | Jan 13, 2023 | Show Me Today, Sports Features

Dylan Frazier
Photo: Whistle Sports Video

Dylan Frazier played sports that most kids played through their school aged years…baseball, basketball, a little bit of football.  It wasn’t until his mom introduced him to pickleball when he was 14, that he started to fall in love with the game.  Then he got better, entered some tournaments…and then he got really good! Good enough to be ranked 10th in the world!  Most pickleball players come over from playing tennis. Dylan never really picked up a racquet but used his baseball skills to get the upper hand on his opponents.. Now 21 and a student at Mizzou, Dylan takes classes online as he prepares for his first season in Major League Pickleball. Dylan joined us on Show Me Today.