Governor Mike Parson has recommended an 8.7 percent cost of living raise for all state team members and a $2 per hour shift differential to eligible state team members working high-need evening and overnight shifts in group care facilities.

He says it’s necessary for recruitment and retention of state employees with 7,000 positions open across state government. As last reported to the Missouri Office of Administration in October 2022, the largest consolidated agency vacancy rate percentage is the Department of Corrections at 23.9% and the lowest is the Department of Natural Resources at 7.1%.

This 8.7 percent increase would be in addition to  the 7.5 percent pay raise Governor Parson and the General Assembly implemented for state workers in 2022.

Parson has asked the General Assembly to introduce the legislation as soon as possible with the goal of implementation by March 1, 2023, and appearing in members’ paychecks by March 31. The General Assembly will have to approve any salary changes.

House Democratic Leader Crystal Quade says the governor’s plan has merit, “but it isn’t nearly enough to end Missouri’s sorry status of having the worst average state worker pay in the nation. A couple years of modest improvement simply isn’t enough to overcome decades of shortchanging state workers with annual raises that ranged from the miniscule to the non-existent.”