Preserving the past for future generations is the driving force of the Sainte Genevieve Museum Learning Center in eastern Missouri. Guy Darrough, the curator, said the museum’s exhibits, activities, and artifacts can take you back millions of years in a matter of minutes.

Dinosaur built by Guy Darrough

“We’ve got basically little bits of parts of the entire history of the planet here,” he said. “We’ve got Viking material, ancient Chinese Scythians. We’ve got some Roman material. We’ve got artifacts from all the early different people that populated the planet. We’ve got full size dinosaur restorations, fossils from all over Missouri and Illinois shipwreck artifacts, meteorites.”

He said the “Hall of Giants”, which includes dinosaur sculptures he made, is a popular stop in the museum.

“People love dinosaurs,” said Darrough. “We’ve got a lot of ice age animals.”

Darrough makes his living building dinosaur sculptures and placing them at botanical gardens across the United States. He said his dinosaurs look very real and attract dinosaur lovers in droves to the botanical gardens.

He is also a hobby fossil hunter and shares his findings in the museum.

Darrough said curious people young and older come in to visit the museum.

“We’re proud of our museum and we did do this museum unlike any other museum that I’ve ever seen,” said Darrough. “All of our exhibits are all excellent quality and subjects that you would not normally get a chance to see.”

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