The next person to handle Missouri’s bank account, investments, and unclaimed property is Vivek Malek. Gov. Mike Parson has appointed Malek as Missouri’s next treasurer.

From left: Vivek Malek and Gov. Mike Parson

Malek becomes the first person of color to hold a statewide office in Missouri’s history.

Twenty years ago, he came to Missouri with $300 in his pocket. As an international student from India, he attended Southeast Missouri State University. Malek stayed to pursue the American dream.

“I can attest with strong conviction that the American Dream is alive and well because I have lived it right here in Missouri,” he said. “In this great land of freedom and liberty, anyone can achieve their dreams with hard work and education.”

Malek is a St. Louis-area immigration and business attorney who graduated from Southeast Missouri State University.

“I want to make sure every child in Missouri grows up with the same opportunities I have had here. I know that times have been tough lately,” said Malek. “I believe that Missouri needs a steady conservative hand in the Office of Treasurer and I will work every day to make sure taxpayers’ money is invested wisely, and protected in the most prudent ways possible.”

Parson said his office interviewed “a lot of great candidates” before choosing Malek. Malek has not held elected office but says he plans to run for state treasurer in 2024.

He will be sworn into office in January after fellow Republican Scott Fitzpatrick becomes the new state auditor.

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