The American Farm Bureau is out with its annual survey on the cost of this year’s Thanksgiving meal. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it, the cost of the traditional Thanksgiving meal has skyrocketed over the past few years, leaving Missourians to fork over more money for a meal of ten.

Missouri Farm Bureau Says Cost Of Thanksgiving Meal Spikes In Latest Survey

The informal Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Survey shows the largest cost increase since the survey’s inception, a national average of $64.05 for a meal of ten. That total is a 20% increase from last year’s average of $53.31, and a 37% increase since 2020.

“This year, there really is no way to put a positive spin on the cost that families all across this country are going to face as they provide that festive meal for their loved ones,” according to Garrett Hawkins, President of the Missouri Farm Bureau.

A majority of the cost centers around the main dish of the Thanksgiving meal, the turkey. A 16-pound turkey is about $29, an increase of 21% since 2021. Frozen dinner rolls increased 22%, which now costs about $3.75. The sweet potatoes and a gallon of whole milk, which both are around $4 each, increased 16% and 11% from 2021. There is good news, though, as a 12-ounce bag decreased 14% to $2.57.

“This represents the greatest increase since the survey began 37 years ago,” adds Hawkins. “That really is telling as we think about the challenges that we face as consumers. Everything we purchase is higher and certainly the Thanksgiving meal is consistent with that.”

Hawkins praised Missouri farmers and ranchers for adjusting to the challenges that the coronavirus pandemic, supply chain shortages, and inflation brought upon. He applauded them for maintaining production levels amidst the drought conditions the state has experienced.

He said, “We didn’t have record crops, but certainly they were respectable yields this year in light of all of the circumstances.”

The advice that Hawkins gives to Missourians is to take advantage of the sales that your local retailers present for the Thanksgiving essentials so as to save a few dollars for your Christmas shopping.

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