The U.S. Food and Drug Administration reports that there’s a nationwide shortage of amoxicillin, specifically the Amoxicillin Oral Powder for Suspension. The medication is typically used to treat infections including, but not limited to, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, and typhoid fever. The medication is prescribed not just to adults, but also to children.

Missouri Pharmacy Association Says Nationwide Amoxicillin Shortage Not Affecting State, Yet

“Essentially there is a nationwide shortage,” according to Ron Fitzwater, CEO of the Missouri Pharmacy Association. “It basically came about when some of the manufacturers didn’t really ramp up (production) after the COVID event the way they probably should have and then with RSV when it kind of began picking up very strongly in many hospitals and obviously going into the cold season again with some of the concerns about COVID, they kind of got caught off guard.”

Once he found out about the shortage, he placed phone calls to pharmacies in the Mid-Missouri area to see if the reports are accurate. As of right now, Missouri is not being affected by this shortage, but Fitzwater expects problems to arise if the problem isn’t resolved.

“Our indication is we’re not hearing any pockets of problems in Missouri, but again, we’re trying to keep pharmacists aware,” according to Fitzwater. “They’re trying to work with their wholesalers and we’re trying to make sure that it does not become a problem in our state.”

Fitzwater reassures Missourians that he has not heard back from any areas of the state where there is a problem. Additionally, the Board of Pharmacy states that they have not heard from patients claiming they are unable to access the product.

The FDA first reported the shortage on October 28th.

Click here for more information on the shortage from the FDA.

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