The founder of a Missouri business is looking to install bulletproof furniture in school districts across the state to protect students and staff from the threat of an active shooter. Executive Wood Products, based in Sullivan, Missouri, manufactures solid wood products in addition to ballistic resistant furniture that’s designed to protect from shots up to and including 7.62mm rifle rounds from an AK47, AR15, and .308.

Paul Alexander, the company’s founder, and CEO showed off the Tactical Scholar™, which has a tackable fabric covered panel on one side and a whiteboard on the other. The anti-ballistic panel, as it’s labeled, is just over six feet in height and four feet in width. Inside each panel is ballistic resistant steel which is certified under the National Institute of Justice at a rating level of III, according to the company’s website.

“The thing about an active shooter is that when he comes through the door what he wants to do is hurt people,” according to Alexander in a promotional YouTube video showing off the Tactical Scholar™. “If he thinks he can shoot you, he will. If you step behind something that he thinks he can shoot through, he will do that. In this case, it looks completely innocuous. All it looks like is a tackable wall board or, on the other side, a white board and the shooter will try to shoot you through it if you step behind it. What happens, then, is, of course, the panel stops his rounds and he empties his magazines and then he’s open to be taken down. So, it’s a really slick mobile way to protect entrances, hallways, and a variety of other spaces.”

Among the items that the company sells through its website include lecterns, furnishings, furniture, doorways, mobile panels, and his Tactical Scholar™. The company sells its anti-ballistic products to the U.S. Government, churches, private businesses, and schools.

Alexander added, “It’s very practical because of its versatility. It’s very practical because of its safety and it’s very aesthetic in any space, whether it’d be the entrance of a building, the hallway of a school, any variety of workspaces even in offices as a dual use or multiuse mobile panel.”

Executive Wood Products has been manufacturing ballistic resistant products since 2006, adding that their design is intended to be multi-functional so they appear as normal office furniture, which gives customers an advantage to help save lives.

The website states that, “our products are more effective because the shooting threat will not account for their anti-ballistic capability.”

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Click the video below to watch Alexander show off the Tactical Scholar™:

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