The bidding wars begin Monday morning in Columbia for Missouri’s unclaimed property auction.

Collectors, auction enthusiasts, and bargain hunters from all over the country are attending for the auction that continues through Tuesday. More than 2,300 items will be up for bidding, including coins and currency, stamps, jewelry, comic books, and sports memorabilia.

Missouri’s unclaimed property is mostly items from safety deposit boxes. After five years of no luck finding the rightful owner, Missouri’s State Treasurer’s Office puts many of the items up for auction. The state holds onto the proceeds from each auction item and turns them over to the rightful owner or their heirs when they come forward.

James Johnston, of northeast Missouri’s Madison, has been the auctioneer for more than 20 years. He joined Show Me Today to talk about the unclaimed property auctions.

Scott Harper has been the director of Missouri’s Unclaimed Property Division for about 35 years. He joined Show Me Today to talk about the auctions.

Terry Shackleford, of Columbia, said he’s going for the jewelry and coins.

Go to to see if you have unclaimed property.

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