John Wood drops run for U.S. Senate (campaign photo)

This is the full statement by John Wood, Independent Candidate for U.S. Senate in Missouri

(Kansas City, Missouri – August 23, 2022) John Wood, independent candidate for Missouri’s open seat in the U.S. Senate issued the following statement on Tuesday:

“I made the decision to run for the United States Senate when Eric Greitens was the favorite for the Republican nomination. That would have been unacceptable, embarrassing, and dangerous for my party, my state, and my Country. I believed Missouri voters deserved a truly principled, conservative choice this November and so did more than 22,000 Missourians who helped secure my position on the ballot.

“Circumstances have changed. While I think I could have beaten Eric Greitens, Missouri no longer faces the risk of Greitens as our next U.S. Senator. While I have significant differences of opinion with both the Republican and Democratic nominees, it has become evident there is not a realistic path to victory for me as an independent candidate.

“Today, I am announcing that I am withdrawing my candidacy for the United States Senate.

“Many Missourians, as well as Americans across the country, have expressed their support for the noble causes of uniting our Country, defending democracy and protecting our Constitution. While my candidacy is ending, my commitment to these causes endures. I will continue to work in other ways to promote these causes, which are dear to my heart.

“I have been inspired in this campaign to follow the example set by great and courageous leaders such as Ronald Reagan, Jack Danforth, and Liz Cheney. I hope others who seek elected office will endeavor to set aside the extremist rhetoric that is dividing our Nation and begin the critical work of restoring public trust in our democratic institutions.

“I am extremely appreciative of everyone who has supported my campaign, especially family, friends, campaign staff, volunteers, contributors, and other supporters, including all those who helped secure my position on the ballot. I am grateful for your belief in my campaign and for your commitment to healing our country.

“While my campaign for the US Senate is ending, my fight for our democracy is not. I will continue to stand up for our democratic republic and oppose those who prioritize party and self-interest over the needs of our country however I can.”