Flash flooding today in the St. Louis region has killed one person. St. Louis Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson said a body was pulled from a car overtaken by record rainfall.

Graphic courtesy of National Weather Service St. Louis

“We had an earlier call right around 10 o’clock as the water was receding,” he said. “We had an area over around Skinker Boulevard and Enright Avenue and Rosedale where we had approximately eight and a half foot of water that had developed in a low-lying area. We were told by a civilian that there was a possibility of somebody in a car. As water was receding, the car made itself visible, as water receded, and we have pulled a civilian out of a vehicle that has passed. So, we do have one fatality from this fast-rising water. We don’t know if the individual drove into the water after some emergency calls in and around area.”

About 30 roads in the area are closed due to more than 12 inches of rain in some areas.

Emergency responders rescued people and their pets from their homes and cars.

“Property damage, I think, is very significant. We’ve got 13, 14, 15 homes over there that they’re in pretty bad shape,” said Jenkerson. “It’s just the amount of material things that these people have lost within their homes.”

A few emergency shelters have opened in the area to help flood victims. Some animal welfare groups are also caring for the pets of flood victims.

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