Cute little two-month old, Astrid the wild ass, is doing great at Saint Louis Zoo (LISTEN)

by | Jul 9, 2022 | Show Me Today

A female Somali wild ass was born at the Saint Louis Zoo on April 8, 2022. Please give a wild welcome to Astrid! Though only a few weeks old, Astrid is a vibrant part of the herd. She is full of energy, but still keeps close to mom Tukia (pronounced too-KEE-ya). Astrid is the first new foal at the Zoo in three years, and her birth is part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan for this species.

Christy Poelker, Zoological Manager of Antelope at Saint Louis Zoo joined Show Me Today to talk about this baby and the personalities and differences between wild asses and other species under equids, a group that includes horses, asses and zebras.