Bipartisan legislative trivia event to help Ukraine and State Historical Society of Missouri (LISTEN)

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If you enjoy trivia and politics, you can show off your skills at an upcoming event for a good cause.

The first-ever Missouri legislative trivia contest is being organized by State Representatives Ann Kelley, R-Lamar, Gretchen Bangert, D-Florissant, and Barry Hovis, R-Whitewater. Proceeds will benefit the State Historical Society of Missouri and Ukraine humanitarian efforts.

The idea formed to help others, spend some bonding time together and study some of Missouri’s history.

Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City

“We thought whether it goes to the Ukrainian Red Cross or whoever we choose once we raise that money, we just want to try and support those people that are involved in that terrible conflict over there. Sometimes there’s conflict up here and even though I get along great with Gretchen and some of the others sometimes we have bills that divide us. We wanted to have something where it’s just everybody’s together to have fun and have a good working relationship. That helps with a lot of things,” said Hovis.

Kelley said a legislative assistant from Ukraine has been sending truck loads of items back to his country to help those in need. The House clerk also organized a fundraiser for him.

“It just kind of fell together. It was like what better way to do more than to have half the proceeds go to Ukraine also,” said Kelley.

The event is Wednesday, May 4 at Capitol Bluffs Event Center in Jefferson City.

“We had talked about doing a trivia night with the Democrats. When Ann mentioned this to me, I’m like this was perfect,” said Bangert.

It doesn’t matter where you stand politically. Hovis said he wants the public to kick back and have a good time – even if trivia and politics are not your thing.

“I was joking with my buddies the other night. We’ve got different groups here. We’re wondering who’s going to win this and prove to be the smartest people up here and it probably won’t be the representatives.”

There are prizes for the teams that place first and second. There is even a special prize for the team that places last.

“They’re going get the phone numbers on a little trophy to House Research because they know all the answers,” he said. “Now they’ve got somebody to call if they don’t know the answer to something.”

Trivia questions are being formed. They should be interesting. Here’s an example:

“Prior to Abraham Lincoln being elected, there was a legislator here that swore that if he got elected, because he didn’t think Lincoln would, that he would grow his beard out if Lincoln was elected. Upon his death, because he never cut that beard, how long was that beard when he died? Was it between four and six feet? Six and eight, eight and 10 or 10 to 12? I don’t know if that one will be in there but that’s a unique one,” said Hovis.

Kelley said each round will have a special speaker. Games are planned between rounds, according to Bangert.

Doors open at 6 p.m. Trivia games begin at 7 p.m. Light appetizers and drinks will be available.

Volunteer judges, scorekeepers and table runners are needed.

Teams of 8 are $200. Sponsors are $500 and $1,000. Checks can me made out to Women Legislators of Missouri.

You can contact Representative Gretchen Bangert at 314.518.7537 for more information.

To hear the Show Me Today interview, click below.

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