Jefferson City Correctional Center (Photo courtesy of KMC Controls)

On Wednesday, Governor Mike Parson released the names of the people he pardoned on Monday as well as his one commutation this time around.

The governor’s office says it continues to review the names and clemency request files and says it’s working to reduce the backlog inherited by his administration.

1) Robert Midgyett
2) Jeffrey Bragg
3) Sharr Ford
4) Lawrence Tindall
5) Angela France
6) Gary Rambo
7) Ian Kable
8) Edward Partee
9) Gary Campbell
10) Anita Ramirez
11) Doyle Webb
12) Brian Knapp
13) Edmund Reddish
14) Dennis Lucas
15) William Harris
16) Emily Bates-Griggs
17) Karen Short
18)Juan Irizarry
19) Thomas Ireland
20) Dean Howery
21) Dannie Weathers
22) Eli West
23) Diane O’Guinn-Sherrod
24) Nathan McFarlane
25)John Lewis
26)Jennifer Corbin
27)Jodi Dupree-VanHoutan
28)Jimmy Blackburn
29) William Engler

1) Charles Coonce