There might be some shortages of over-the-counter COVID testing kits in retail stores, but the state health department says there are many ways to get a free test. That includes having one sent to you to have on hand.

Department of Health and Senior Services spokesperson Lisa Cox says the state and federal government are providing testing centers, pharmacies, as well as home test kits via express shipping services.

“Then you can collect your sample yourself and put it back into the mail via FedEx. You’ll get results in about two days from then. So it’s not rapid, like we’ve come to know in some instances, but it is a great test. It is another PCR test, which we know is kind of the gold standard for testing,” Cox told Missourinet. “To avoid some additional lag time in that process, I advise people to go ahead and order a kit, have it on hand so that if you feel you need it, because of gatherings or potential exposure or symptoms. Then you already have it on hand and ready to go and you can cut a couple of days out of that timeline.”


Cox spoke with Ashley Byrd about what is out there and how the state is trying to stay ahead of the growing number of cases across Missouri. (15:09)