Need parenting advice? Missouri developmental psychologist has tips (AUDIO)

by | Nov 30, 2021 | Education, News, Show Me Today

Dr. Christi Bergin (Photo courtesy of the University of MissourI)

University of Missouri developmental psychology professor, Dr. Christi Bergin, is addressing some of the hot topics parents are asking about. She is sharing some of their questions, giving parents advice and laying out what research shows.

Dr. Bergin is a regular guest on Missourinet’s daily statewide syndicated radio show, called Show Me Today. Click below to listen to the different topics she addresses.

Ways to teach your children self-control, good values and empathy for others:

Are bribes and rewards okay to give your kids?

Strategies to create good relationships among siblings:

Helping shy kids to flourish:

Is negative emotionality in teens normal?

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