Missouri History Museum shows how “St. Louis Sound” influenced American pop music (AUDIO)

by | Nov 3, 2021 | Entertainment, News, Show Me Today

Songs created and performed in St. Louis have changed the world of pop music. A major exhibit at the Missouri History Museum in

St. Louis Cotton Club Band, circa 1925 (Missouri Historical Society Collections)

St. Louis features those artists from about 150 years ago to now.  Curators describe it this way:

St. Louis just can’t stay quiet. The region has produced legends who are on a first-name basis worldwide, like Ike & Tina, Miles, Chuck, and Nelly. It’s been home to the “Velvet Bulldozer” Albert King, the “Black Venus” Josephine Baker, and the original “king” of pop music, Scott Joplin. And don’t forget world-class songwriters like John Hartford, Jay Farrar, Jeff Tweedy, and Willie Mae Ford Smith. Few cities anywhere can claim so many leading lights in such a wide range of style.

Show Me Today’s Ashley Byrd spoke with the curator, Andrew Wanko, about the songs, voices and stories that put St. Louis on the music map.