A group called Americans For Prosperity-Missouri is no longer pursuing its attempt to overturn a Missouri gas tax hike. Jeremy Cady, with the libertarian-conservative leaning group, confirmed the decision.

Photo by Alisa Nelson

“Couldn’t get all the pieces to come together. We’ll be looking at tax reforms the legislature can take up that could make it up to Missourians,” Cady tells Missourinet.

To put the question on the 2022 ballot, the group was required to collect some 100,000 signatures by August 28.

The new law taking effect on August 28 would boost the state’s fuel tax by 12.5 total cents over five years and give most drivers a rebate option for the amount of the increase.

The Missouri Legislature passed Senate Bill 262 into law earlier this year. Gov. Mike Parson signed the legislation last month.

The law could raise about $500 million annually to help fund Missouri’s roads and bridges.

When the legislation is fully phased in, the average passenger car driver traveling 12,000 miles annually is expected to pay an extra $70 per year. For pickups, the average increase is projected to be less than $100 annually.

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