Missourians planning to buy fireworks can expect to pay more for those snaps, crackles and pops this year – and beyond. Rob Cima, the vice president of the Missouri Pyrotechnics Association, says the pandemic created a supply shortage.

Shortage of fireworks in Missouri is going to cost consumers. Find out how much

Most fireworks come from China. Fireworks manufacturers in China had been closed for a while and shipping the items have been taking longer than usual.

“Of course, supply and demand always have a factor in what they are going to charge at a tent,” says Cima. “You can expect 25% to 30% increases in the tents. It will be more on the larger items and little less on smaller items but pretty significant.”

He says if you want fireworks, don’t wait until the last minute.

“I think some of the very small stands probably didn’t open this year,” says Cima. “There is product available. My understanding is the shelves were full. I think as we get closer to the Fourth of July though, there’s going to be a lot of stuff that is sold out.”

When can we expect the supply shortage to be over?

“We think it could take one or two years for this supply chain problem to work its way through,” says Cima. “Sales will probably be big again this year and then it’s just going to take time to work its way out. So, expect higher prices again next year and maybe even into 2023.”

The Missouri Pyrotechnics Association holds one of the only annual fireworks competitions in the U.S. The Sky Wars Invitational Fireworks Championship attracts people from 31 other states to Innsbrook in Warren County. It includes fireworks choreographed along with music – a light and sound explosion, if you will.

“If they are not able to shoot a show at home or can’t get to a show they like, the best one in the whole country is right here in Misosuri ,” he says.

How will the supply shortage impact the event?

“They’ve been planning for over a year. They knew this was coming and they’ve been stockpiling product. We have plenty of fireworks for them,” says Cima. “On the professional side, since every fireworks display was canceled last year, there’s good supply of professional fireworks – with the exception of just a couple of items.”

The event, on September 25, is 10 shows back-to-back over two hours.

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