Governor Mike Parson today announced that Missouri will not offer the additional jobless benefits made available by the federal government after June 12.  Federal aid to states added $300 to weekly checks of $320 or lower.  Parson said that is not helping businesses get back on their feet.

“From conversations with business owners across the state, we know that they are struggling not because of COVID-19 but because of labor shortages resulting from these excessive federal unemployment programs,” Parson said.

State benefits will not go beyond 20 weeks with this order.

Watch the entire press conference at the Capitol May 11, 2021

The leader of House Democrats, Crystal Quade issued this statement after the governor’s announcement:

“Contrary to what the governor claims, the free market – not some federal boogeyman – is
primarily responsible for Missouri’s tight labor market. When there are more open jobs than
available workers, businesses must increase wages to attract prospective employees, particularly
in industries with a high risk of COVID-19 exposure. That’s how supply and demand works. If
companies provide a livable wage, applicants will respond. The notion that Missourians are
refusing to work so they can temporarily collect $300 a week is an offensive right-wing myth.”