Some Missourians have already been given their second dose of the coronavirus vaccination or will get it soon. Larry Jones, executive director of the Missouri Center for Public Health Excellence, tells Missourinet the second dose might come with a stronger reaction than the first one.

Missouri public health expert: Second COVID-19 dose might come with a stronger reaction

“They may feel tired. They may feel achy,” he says. “I think I’ve heard they may have diarrhea. You may have some of the symptoms of covid of that nature, but it only lasts about 24 hours. And then it’s over.”

Jones says no live virus is in the vaccine.

“People need to know that you cannot get Covid-19 from this vaccine. This is a very safe vaccine. Yes, it was done in a very fast timeframe, but it was done safely. There were not corners cut,” says Jones.

Missouri reports more than 511,000 total doses given so far – first and second doses combined. The state’s COVID-19 vaccine tracker does not currently show how much vaccine the state has been given overall. Missouri Health and Senior Services Department spokesperson Lisa Cox tells Missourinet the website is eventually suppose to include that information.

Those currently eligible to get immunized include health care workers, long-term care patients and employees, Missourians 65 and older, and ones with certain health conditions that put them at greater risk of catching the virus.

Missouri held nine mass vaccination clinics last week throughout the state, vaccinating a total of about 18,000 people. Follow-up events are in the works to give the second dose to these individuals. Other clinics are expected in the near future.

The state’s coronavirus case count shows about 459,000 people have tested positive for the virus since last March and 6,748 have died as a result of COVID-19. About 1,900 people are in a Missouri hospital being treated for the virus.

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