A St. Louis Democratic state lawmaker is calling on the Missouri House to investigate whether former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani committed perjury at a heated December House committee hearing in Jefferson City.

State Rep. Peter Merideth, D-St. Louis, speaks on the Missouri House floor in Jefferson City on January 12, 2021 (photo courtesy of Benjamin Peters at House Communications)

State Rep. Peter Merideth, D-St. Louis, says 20 of his Democratic colleagues have joined in his call.

Republicans control the Missouri House 114-47, and Representative Merideth says he’s sent a letter to House Speaker Rob Vescovo, R-Arnold, requesting an investigation.

On December 14, Giuliani testified via zoom before the House Special Committee on Government Oversight in Jefferson City. Merideth notes Missouri House rules require that witnesses testifying before House committees sign an affidavit that their testimony, to the best of their knowledge, is true on penalty of perjury.

Mayor Giuliani and Representative Merideth clashed multiples times during the December hearing, when Giuliani alleged fraud in both Pennsylvania and Georgia in November’s presidential election.

Both accused each other of being dangerous, and spoke over each other multiple times. The hearing got so heated that then-Committee Chairman Robert Ross, R-Yukon, had to bang the gavel three times, to restore order.

Former Mayor Giuliani, who led the Trump campaign’s post-election legal challenges, described Philadelphia that night as a “crooked Democratic machine,” and alleged fraud in Georgia as well.

“I think we’re right to be upset about this action and about your spreading of misinformation and lies that are inflaming things across our country, at a time when we need to move on and accept the results of an election. Thank you,” Merideth told Giuliani that night.

“Obviously, you have no interest in the truth. All you have an interest in is lecturing me,” Giuliani responded.

“I have no interest in more and more lies from you,” Merideth said. “I am tired of your lies. America is tired of your lies, and they are dangerous, sir. They are dangerous.”

“You are very dangerous, because you’re covering up a massive election fraud,” Giuliani responded.

The two continued to speak over each other, until Chairman Ross hit the gavel multiple times.

Giuliani testified that night that GOP inspectors were not allowed proper access to view absentee ballots being counted in Pennsylvania.

Representative Merideth says he’s also sent a letter to the New York State Bar Association.

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