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1954 was the last time Mizzou had a team win a national championship. That was the baseball team. This week that could change. Mizzou’s ESPORTS team is competing in the Rocket League National Championships starting tonight. If you’re a non-gamer let me best explain it this way, it’s a video game soccer played with cars. Gaming has been popular but during the pandemic it’s exploded. Kevin Reape helped get Mizzou an ESPORTS team formed and they started competing is August 2019.

Fresh off winning the Collegiate Rocket League (CRL) Western Conference Finals, the Mizzou Rocket League team will proceed to the CRL National Championship. In the championship, Mizzou will battle for the title of CRL National Champions as well as scholarship money. Rocket League developer Psyonix is putting up $50,000 to be divided among players on the qualifying teams.

If you want to watch their first match, log into