COVID-19 disinfection services have skyrocketed for an emergency cleaning and restoration business in Missouri. Michele Presley, Business Development Manager with SERVPRO, says it has become the number one service the company provides.

Photo courtesy of SERVPRO

“It was never something that was really on our radar,” she says. “Well now it is our number one service that we’re providing. We’re still doing water, fire and those responses to daily emergencies for people. But is by far taken over as the number one service. “Pre-pandemic, it was very far and between that we would do any kind of disinfection work. All of our work was mainly bio-related in regards to blood or mold. In March, it pretty much added a new revenue line for us.”

When COVID-19 came on the scene in March, ServPro worked with the Environmental Protection Agency and the CDC to ensure any of its locations that chose to offer the service could properly respond. She says the workers roll in with full protective suits, face respirators and gloves.

Presley says ServPro, which serves the entire state, has doubled its staff since February and it continues to hire.

“We’ve hired additional employees. We’ve hired part-time employees and trained them on how to do it. So yes, we’ve been able to keep up, but we also had to grow our fleet of technicians,” she says.

She calls the workers “disinfection warriors”.

“We talk about first responders, firemen, policemen, nurses and health care and all of that. But, when businesses need something disinfected, it’s not the firemen who come in and disinfect their building. It’s us,” she says. “And so, we are not only disinfecting police cars, fire trucks and things like that. But we’re disinfecting businesses so that their employees have a safe place to work.”

She suggests that businesses and customers come up with a contingency plan by thinking ahead of time about where any infected person was at in your building and how much square footage needs to be treated. She says this will help them to know how much the service will cost.

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