Missourians overwhelmingly voted Tuesday to give Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe (R) a full term.

Missouri Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe (left) and Governor Mike Parson wave to supporters at Jefferson City’s Memorial Park on September 23, 2019, on the night Kehoe announced his candidacy (file photo courtesy of Kehoe campaign)

The Jefferson City Republican defeated Democrat Alissia Canady. He tells Missourinet he’ll continue to focus on workforce and infrastructure, which are also two of the governor’s priorities.

“A lot of people don’t talk about all the construction jobs that we have going across our state right now, and that’s largely due to, A, several things MoDOT has done, but also the bridge package that we passed,” Kehoe says.

More than 100 bridges in Missouri’s $350 million bridge bonding plan are now under contract.

Governor Mike Parson (R) appointed Kehoe to the post in June 2018, after Parson was sworn-in following Governor Greitens’ resignation. Kehoe is a former Senate Majority Leader.

Kehoe says veterans’ issues continue to be a top priority, noting Missouri has 450,000 veterans. That’s the fifth-highest in the nation.

“Our core issues are veterans, working with our veterans community. We know how important those heroes are in our state. Tourism, helping them rebound from the COVID crisis, that’s an issue,” says Kehoe.

Kehoe praises Canady for running a positive campaign, saying they both focused on the issues.

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