The Stone County Health Department in southwest Missouri has confirmed eight individuals who attended a church revival in Crane last week have tested positive for COVID-19. A department press release says the individuals are from multiple counties, had symptoms, and were contagious during the six-day event at New Life Fellowship Church.

8 people test positive for COVID-19, 67 quarantined after Missouri church revival

More than 100 individuals were at the revival with no social distancing measures taken. Sixty-seven of the churchgoers have been told to quarantine for 14 days and several of them have symptoms.

Some individuals have not been in contact with the department.

“This is an unfortunate situation for our community and specifically the town of Crane. In order to contain the spread of the virus we have to know who attended and whether or not they have become ill since attending. We sincerely hope that if the attendees are not willing to contact the health department they will consider that they could be contagious and spread the illness to someone who is not able to recover. We urge anyone who attended to quarantine, monitor for symptoms and get tested if symptoms develop,” Pam Burnett, Administrator of the Stone County Health Department, says in the press release.

The church has moved to live feed services for the duration of the quarantine period.

The department has not yet requested the state’s help with testing and contact tracing.

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