Allegations of adult abuse and neglect in Missouri can once again be reported online. The state’s online system to report such accusations is back up and running.

Missouri’s online system to report allegations of adult abuse and neglect has been restored

On July 31, the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services announced on social media that the disruption was due to technical maintenance and was expected to be out of order until at least last Friday. The repair ended up getting fixed earlier than expected and the system was restored last Wednesday.

While the online system was down, the state was still taking reports on its toll-free hotline from 7 a.m. to midnight daily.

Department spokesperson Lisa Cox tells Missourinet during fiscal year 2020, the Department of Health and Senior Services received and investigated 40,714 community and facility reports of abuse, neglect, bullying, and exploitation, involving seniors and adults with disabilities. That amounts to an average of more than 111 reports daily.

The Department received 6,840 online reports from December 2019 through June 2020. The online reporting system went live in November 2019.

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