The Missouri Division of Developmental Disabilities has signed a deal with StationMD to offer telemedicine services at no cost to about 15,000 Medicaid Waiver users. The company offers virtual access 24/7 to emergency physicians specifically trained to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The program is an addition to the current medical care offered by each individual’s primary care physician.

Missouri partnership provides telemedicine at no cost to some Medicaid users

“In these challenging times, it is critical to care for our individuals from home as much as possible,” Val Huhn, Director of the Division of Developmental Disabilities, says in a press release. “To be able to bring on a telehealth partner dedicated to the I/DD population is a big step forward. We’re excited about the partnership and what it means for those we serve.”

The service even includes the ability to check heart and lung sounds through an online connection.

The contract runs through August 31.

The Division and StationMD have also partnered with the UMKC Institute for Human Development (IHD) to assist with communication and outreach efforts.

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