Beginning the week of July 5, Missourians who want to continue getting unemployment benefits will be required to do work searches. The condition had been lifted for those who had filed a coronavirus-related unemployment claim.

Required job hunting to resume next month for unemployed Missourians

During a press conference Tuesday, Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations Director Anna Hui made the announcement.

“We all know that a system that rewards individuals to be unemployed is unsustainable,” says Hui. “It is time for employers and workers to have thoughtful and productive conversations on plans and steps that they are taking now to plan on how to return to work.”

Unemployed individuals will be required to do three work searches per week to remain eligible for benefits, including a $600 federal supplement available through July 25.

“Work search activities will be required of anyone on regular unemployment, the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program, extended benefits and the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation Program,” says Hui.

Workers with an employer-submitted recall date, in approved training, and those employees on the Shared Work program are exempt. Union members with a hiring or referral hall may contact their hall three times per week or attend training for the required number of work search activities.

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