Missouri Department of Health and Senior Service Director Randall Williams says he’s not aware of any additional coronavirus cases stemming from Memorial Day weekend partying at the Lake of the Ozarks. So far, only one person from mid-Missouri’s Boone County is known to have tested positive after being there.

Have more coronavirus cases popped up from Lake of the Ozarks holiday partying?

“Camden County, which was the number one county, has not seen any more positives,” says Williams. “And that’s now been a good while ago – ten days, eleven days.”

The popular summer destination draws partiers from all over the state and region. After local and national media plastered video and pictures of crowded pool parties at the Lake of the Ozarks from that weekend, leaders spoke out.

Dr. Williams said when young and healthy individuals who get the virus without showing symptoms transmit it to a more vulnerable person, that’s when tragic events could happen. St. Louis County officials issued a travel advisory urging residents who were there and ignored guidelines to self-quarantine for 14 days or until testing negative for the virus.

Since March, nearly 14,000 people have tested positive in Missouri for the coronavirus. At least 786 patients have died from the disease. The state has tested more than 211,000 people.

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