Photo courtesy of KFEQ in St. Joseph

All employees at Triumph Foods in northwest Missouri’s St. Joseph will be tested for the coronavirus after several workers at the meat packing plant tested positive for COVID-19. The city of St. Joseph reports multiple positive cases of COVID-19 at Triumph, though the city does not state how many employees tested positive in the past 48 hours. An internal memo sent to employees Wednesday disclosed the plant recorded nine total cases.

The city says Northwest Health Services plans to conduct tests as early as this afternoon, depending on when test kits arrive. Northwest expected to receive results within 48 hours.

Mosaic Life Care will test approximately 125 Triumph employees Friday. It expects results within 24 hours.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services reports it has sent approximately 2,800 tests to St. Joseph which will be processed at the Missouri State Public Health Laboratory and a commercial laboratory.

By Brent Martin of Missourinet affiliate of KFEQ in St. Joseph

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