Missouri’s junior senator is hopeful that a bipartisan agreement can be reached soon on a $2 trillion economic stimulus package, in response to the coronavirus crisis.

The “Washington Post” reported Tuesday night that lawmakers were reviewing final language on Capitol Hill.

U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley (R) says the bill would provide direct assistance to individuals and families in Missouri who need it the most.

U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley’s official portrait (2020 photo courtesy of Senator Hawley’s press office)

“$1,200 for every individual who needs it, every adult,” Hawley says. “$500 for every child, so the bigger the family, the more assistance that you get.”

He says that phases out for those with higher incomes: couples who earn more than $150,000 and singles who make $75,000 or more.

Senator Hawley tells Missourinet he fought to ensure that the working poor receive the full benefit.

He also says the bill should have been voted on days ago, saying that Democrats on Capitol Hill “put up roadblocks.” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York) tweeted Tuesday that Senate Democrats are “fighting to make sure there are no bailouts without strict conditions that put people and workers first.”

As for Hawley, he says the bill includes small business relief.

“Small business will be able to cover 100 percent of their payroll with federal assistance under this plan, 100 percent. The idea is that they won’t have to lay off anybody,” says Hawley.

Hawley, who serves on the Senate Small Business Committee, says small businesses will be able to keep their doors open, keep payrolls going and pay their health care costs, under the bill.

Missouri’s governor has warned that thousands of Missourians will lose their jobs, because of the coronavirus.

Hawley is aware of Governor Mike Parson’s warning. Senator Hawley says the bill would boost unemployment benefits for Missourians.

“This bill would triple unemployment insurance available to Missourians, up $600 a week in the state of Missouri,” Hawley says. “That’s vital.”

During an interview with Missourinet, Hawley also praises President Trump for invoking the Defense Production Act.

Hawley also says the FDA has been slow in getting personal protective equipment out to Missouri hospitals, urban and rural. Hawley says every Missouri hospital he’s spoken to needs more tests and masks. He also says they’ll need more ventilators.

Click here to listen to the full three-minute interview between Missourinet’s Brian Hauswirth and U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley, which was recorded on March 24, 2020. Senator Hawley was on Capitol Hill.

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