More than 1,100 applications were submitted to the state from companies interested in selling medical marijuana inside highly-secured retail sites. Of those applicants, only 192 will get licenses. A 2018 ballot measure passed by Missouri voters allows 24 licensed dispensary locations in each of the state’s eight congressional districts.

The state says the dispensaries chosen are the top-scoring ones meeting all eligibility requirements. When the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services releases the winners, likely by the end of the day, that information will be listed here.

In 2018, Missouri voters approved a Constitutional amendment allowing the sale of medical marijuana and doctors recommending medical marijuana to patients with certain illnesses.

Here’s the latest information on the number of Missourians who have been approved to use medical marijuana and the caregivers allowed to administer the drugs to patients.

Patient Services Application Stats
Morning of 1/21/2020
Processed Applications
Patient approved 29,457
Caregiver approved 820
Approved Patient/Caregiver Cultivators 9,523
Patient/Caregiver rejected* 70
Patient/Caregiver denied 941
Total approved 30,277
Applications Received
Patient applications 31,221
Caregiver applications 963
Total applications received 32,184
*Reject Status are not denials, just an opportunity for applicant to provide additional needed information.

Seed-to-sale site certifications will be announced on January 31.

Due to federal law, transporting medical marijuana seeds to Missouri is still illegal.

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