In February, the Kirskville School District in northeast Missouri installed 200 solar panels on top of the Kirksville Vo-Tech Building. Since the panels went online, the district has saved $28,000 in electrical costs. Kirksville Superintendent Bob Webb says the savings are resulting in plans to expand the project. He says the panels could end up on top of the primary school.

Kirksville Area Technical Center (Photo courtesy of Kirksville Public Schools)

“It’s the next biggest and best opportunity to do that,” he tells Missourinet affiliate KWIX in Moberly.

The school board has already approved the planning process for the expansion.

“It’s just a matter now of reaching out and engaging the vendors for the materials, looking at some other parts that might need to be put in place,” he says. “The hope would be to again perhaps even start during this coming summer and get them online over the fall/winter.”

The project timeline will depend upon the length of a school roof repair project.

By Colin Schowe of Missourinet affiliate KWIX in Moberly