The State Transportation Department had about 3,000 snow plow and sand truck drivers out on Missouri roads during Sunday’s and Monday’s winter storms. MoDOT Deputy Director Ed Hassinger says the storm was tough to battle because the snow, ice and rain kept coming down throughout most of Missouri.

A Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) snowplow driver works in the Jefferson City area (file photo courtesy of MoDOT’s Gene McCoy)

“This encompassed every one of our districts in some way, shape or form,” says Hassinger. “And it changed multiple times in every one of our districts. So, it was really a hard storm for us to fight because we’re changing our technique. Every different kind of different precipitation requires a different approach.”

The department is adding up how much the latest storms cost.

“These storms, also when they are prolonged and they switch from ice to snow to rain, they take a lot of material. They take a lot of salt and a lot of that over that period of time. So these storms are really expensive,” says Hassinger.

Hassinger says the department spends an annual average of $45 million on snow removal. Last year, was not an average winter – MoDOT spent about $65 million.

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