Watching this game made my eyes burn between Calgary’s ugly combo and the Blues retro look

There seems to be two opinions on the 1995 throwback jersey the St. Louis Blues wore on Thursday night during their 5-0 win over Calgary. If you were too young to remember or follow hockey in the mid 90’s, you thought the jerseys looked pretty cool. If you remember those recycled uniforms from the first time around, you thought they were awful.

There was probably a 50/50 split on whether fans liked or hated the retro sweaters.  Some of the not so nice responses.

Hate those Keenan Red and Blue monstrosities. Hurts my eyes!
I thought everyone burned these jerseys
Worst uniform in blues history
Hate the 90s sweaters.

For you fans seeing them for the first time, I’ll give you a pass, but you’ll have to understand we saw some really horrible looking jerseys back them.

The mid 90’s were a bad time for designs and color schemes. Some teams got away from the traditional straight stripes along the bottom of the sweater, some teams changed the colors and many went with completely different logos. A few teams missed on their chance to be different and the Blues were one of those teams.

I’ve compiled a list of the “Dirty Half-Dozen.”


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