Striking General Motors workers at the factory in eastern Missouri’s Wentzville are hopeful a nationwide strike will end soon. On Thursday, UAW workers at the plant overwhelmingly approved the contract proposal. However, the end of the strike depends upon the contract being approved by workers nationwide.

Missouri GM workers hopeful national strike will end soon

The national tally is expected to be released by this evening.

As part of the contract, GM has agreed to invest $1.5 billion in the Wentzville plant. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports the agreement also says the investment promises to retain 2,000 hourly jobs at the location for at least four years. The factory has about 4,600 workers.

Earlier this year, the Missouri Legislature passed and Gov. Mike Parson signed into law a tax credit package totaling $50 million over 10 years if the company invests at least $750 million into the plant and retains 2,000 workers.

Many General Motors workers in nearby Kansas also live across the state line in the Kansas City area.

Jill Enders contributed to this story