The U.S. House overwhelmingly passed a measure Wednesday to condemn President Donald Trump for taking U.S. troops out of northern Syria. Congresswomen Vicky Hartzler and Ann Wagner and Congressman Sam Graves joined Missouri Democrats Emanuel Cleaver and Lacy Clay in supporting the bipartisan resolution.

President Donald Trump speaks at the Project Safe Neighborhoods conference in Kansas City on December 7, 2018 (photo courtesy of Joyce Boghosian at the White House)

In total, 129 Republicans joined all 225 House Democrats in voting for the resolution. Sixty voted to support Trump. Three Republicans and one Independent voted Present.

Trump’s move has led to Turkey’s invasion into northern Syria and for America’s Kurdish allies to fend for themselves, creating rare bipartisan criticism. The invasion is also likely to fuel a humanitarian crisis through the killing of masses of Kurds and their efforts to escape the fighting.

Hartzler, a member of the U.S. House Armed Services Committee, issued this statement:

“While I sympathize with President Trump’s concerns over losing American lives in the region, we cannot allow our allies to be attacked by Turkey, nor can we allow bad actors such as Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, or a resurgent ISIS to take a foothold in the region,” said Hartzler.

The Kurds have been guarding imprisoned ISIS members.

During a recent appearance of Missourinet affiliate KWOS in Jefferson City, Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer defended Trump.

“It’s disappointing in one way from the standpoint, you’re right, the Kurds are going to be left hanging in the wind here I’m afraid,” says Luetkemeyer. “But, he (Trump) doesn’t want to get us involved to the point where we wind up going into a war we can’t win.”

Trump says it’s time to end America’s “stupid, endless wars.”

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