A shooter who allegedly killed nine people on Sunday at a popular nightlife district in Dayton, Ohio was reportedly part of a band that made appearances at a former Missouri venue. Connor Betts, 24, was killed on Sunday about 30 seconds after he opened fire.

Report: Ohio shooter made band appearances at former Missouri venue

Online website Vice News reports Betts was heavily involved in the music scene often referred to as “goregrind” or “pornogrind” – extreme metal music known for songs about violence, raping and killing women.

Betts occasionally sang with the group Menstrual Munchies at a former Columbia location in central Missouri called UPS – short for Under the Porn Shop for its location beneath the Venus Adult Megastore near I-70.

The article says Betts was a loner and emotionally withdrawn who identified as an anti-fascist and insulted Nazis and gun violence. Members of the band recently started distancing themselves from Betts for talking in realistic ways about violence described in the music. He also told them about getting suspended from high school for keeping a “hit list” and a “rape list” of classmates he wanted to hurt.

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