Drivers will not be allowed to turn left on a red light when turning onto a one-way street. Gov. Mike Parson has vetoed a bill with several components, including one that would grant the practice on Missouri’s roadways.

Gov. Mike Parson

Senate Bill 147 would allow for left turns during a red light when the vehicle is in the left-most lane on a one-way street turning onto another one-way street. The measure would still let local authorities ban left on red turns if safety conditions require it and would be subject to authorization from the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT).

What’s the reason for vetoing the bill? According to a veto message from the governor, it does not appear that he has a beef with the driving technique. Parson, a Republican, says he opposes another piece in the legislation involving the way drivers have their licenses taken away when they don’t pay minor traffic ticket fines.

Missouri is one of about a handful of states that doesn’t allow the traffic maneuver.

Senate Bill 147 is sponsored by Sen. David Sater, R-Cassville.

Lawmakers could try to override the governor’s veto during September’s annual veto session, but whether that’s going to happen is anyone’s guess.

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