The National Weather Service (NWS) in St. Louis warns that severe storms are expected Wednesday afternoon and tonight across parts of northeast, central and eastern Missouri.

The National Weather Service (NWS) in St. Louis outlines the time frame for today’s anticipated severe weather (June 5, 2019 map courtesy of NWS St. Louis Twitter page)

NWS meteorologist Ben Herzog tells Missourinet storms are expected to develop in northeast Missouri and west-central Illinois, and are expected to push straight south.

“Primary thing we’re anticipating with these storms are strong, straight-line winds, damaging winds although these storms will also be capable of producing large hail,” Herzog says.

Herzog says 60 to 70 mile per hour winds are possible, along with lightning. He says the severe storms are expected to begin Wednesday afternoon in Columbia, Jefferson City and Moberly around the afternoon commute time.

“The most likely time for storms in those areas looks like it’s going to be around 5, 6 o’clock, something like that,” says Herzog. “Now I should say that’s going to be the time when storms are most likely.”

The NWS says severe storms are expected to impact the St. Louis region from about 4-7 p.m., and will impact the southern Missouri towns of Lebanon, Rolla and Farmington between 7 and 10 tonight.

The NWS says the St. Louis region and northeast Missouri’s Troy and Bowling Green are now at an enhanced risk of severe weather this afternoon, which means numerous severe storms are possible.

Click here to listen to Brian Hauswirth’s full interview with NWS meteorologist Ben Herzog, which was recorded on June 5, 2019:

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