The Missouri House voted 110-43 on Thursday in Jefferson City to reject a budget committee’s recommendation that would have allowed in-state college tuition for undocumented immigrants.

Missouri House Budget Committee Chairman Cody Smith (R-Carthage) and Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Dan Hegeman (R-Cosby) discuss the budget on May 9, 2019 (photo courtesy of Tim Bommel at House Communications)

The budget’s future is now uncertain, with Friday’s constitutional deadline looming.

The budget conference committee is comprised of a bipartisan group of House and Senate negotiators.

State Reps. Curtis Trent, R-Springfield, and Phil Christofanelli, R-St. Peters, told House colleagues that their constituents in southwest Missouri and in St. Charles County oppose providing in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants. They note they have knocked on thousands of doors.

State Sen. Bob Onder, R-Lake St. Louis, tweeted Thursday, praising the House vote.

“Enough of the games. Time to fix HB#3 in conference and pass the budget,” Onder tweeted.

House Minority Leader Crystal Quade, D-Springfield, criticized the House vote, saying the House hasn’t rejected a conference committee recommendation since 2009.

State Rep. Peter Merideth, D-St. Louis, also criticized the vote, saying the conference committee had compromised on the issue.

It’s unclear what happens next. The issue will likely head back to a conference committee.

The state Constitution requires Missouri lawmakers to approve a balanced budget by Friday.

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