The state Senate could debate Tuesday whether to ban Missouri counties from enforcing rules stricter than state regulations required for large animal feeding operations. Jefferson City Republican Mike Bernskoetter’s bill would bar counties from limiting where the farming operations, known as CAFOs, can be built and from adopting rules to reduce environmental regulations. The measure is pending initial approval tomorrow.

Sen. Mike Bernskoetter (R-Jefferson City)

“You have less disease in your animals. They’re not out in the cold. Could you imagine being a cow out this winter? Those animals inside are a lot better off. The meat is better,” says Bernskoetter.

Opponents of the bill say emissions from the large farms can pose health risks for neighbors. Sen. Jamilah, D-St. Louis, opposes the close confinement of animals.

“Imagine locking a human being up in a cage. I don’t want to treat animals like that let alone humans. They’re not able to move around and get the nice air,” Nasheed says.

Senators debated the measure last week for several hours before no action was taken.

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