A report has been released today about Robert Mueller’s investigation of President Trump’s campaign and Russia’s attempted interference in America’s 2016 election. Western Missouri Democratic Congressman Emanuel Cleaver tells Missourinet Congressional committees must review the report and continue to address things like infrastructure funding, health care and the national flood insurance program.

Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (September 2018 photo courtesy of Congressman Cleaver’s office)

“The committees of jurisdiction should do their job – their constitutionally-required job. The other committees need to be working with the president and with the Republicans to try and get something done,” says Cleaver. “I’m hoping that we can do both without becoming so hostile over the three investigations that we don’t want to do anything.”

Cleaver, the senior white in the U.S. House Democratic Caucus, supports having Mueller testify before Congress.

“Members of Congress want to know, many Americans would also like to know what was he thinking when he put certain sentences in that report. Some of them are quite volatile and accusatory. I think it’s best to hear from his mouth,” says Cleaver. “The president has likely escaped from this whole issue. I don’t think he has nor will escape from the Southern District of New York because in many ways he has already been indicted there.”

Cleaver is referring to the case involving Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen going to prison for paying off two women who have claimed that they had sexual relations with Trump.

He goes on to say he’s not interested in seeking impeachment.

“If Democrats want to do the best thing they can do, in my opinion, it is to defeat Donald Trump in two years. I don’t think anything less or anything more would be in the best interest of trying to reduce the division or close the gap that exists between the Trump America and the other parts of America,” Cleaver says.

Congressman Lacy Clay (D-St. Louis)

Eastern Missouri Democratic Congressman Lacy Clay, is a senior member sitting on a key panel – the House Oversight Committee. He says Mueller must offer public testimony before Congress without delay.

“It is essential that the American people hear from him directly, instead of the partisan political commercial presented by Attorney General Barr earlier today,” says Clay. “Second, the redacted Mueller report states that Donald J. Trump and his campaign “expected to benefit from” Russia’s illegal actions” in the 2016 presidential election, an outrageous and unprecedented finding that threatens our democracy.”

Clay goes on to indicate Trump’s attempts to commit obstruction of justice.

“Special Counsel Mueller examined ten different instances in which Donald J. Trump attempted to interfere with this investigation. Mr. Mueller was “Unable to conclude that no criminal activity occurred and did not exonerate him.” Finally, the many troubling findings in the redacted Mueller report underscore why ongoing congressional oversight investigations are so essential to upholding the rule of law and defending our democracy. We will continue to pursue them with all urgency,” says Clay.

In a statement today from Missouri Republican U.S. Senator Roy Blunt, he says he’s hopeful the Senate Intelligence Committee can look at the report, with the exception of the grand jury material, and he believes it will assist the committee in bringing its investigation of Russia’s involvement in America’s elections to a close.

Other Missouri U.S. House Republicans took a strong stance in support of Trump.

East-central Missouri Republican Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer released a statement today saying every American can see for themselves what President Trump has been saying for two years – there was no collusion.

Republicans control six of Missouri’s eight U.S. House seats.