State Senator Dan Hegeman says the legislature’s state budget members are considering state assistance for Missouri communities hurt by massive flooding. Hegeman is the chairman of the Senate’s Appropriations Committee.

State Sen. Dan Hegeman, R-Cosby

“What that number will be, we’ll have to work with the agencies to see what we would need to have to provide some assistance, but certainly have been talking,” says Hegeman. “I would anticipate looking at some assistance to help the counties, the municipalities and the state to rebuild levees, to rebuild roads, to rebuild some of the public infrastructure.”

Hegeman, R-Cosby, hopes state assistance can be resolved during the regular legislative session, instead of a possible special session later this year. But he says flood waters must recede first and the aid could change if other flood events occur.

His district includes northwest Missouri. Southeast and northwest Missouri have especially been hit hard by recent flooding.

Hegeman and some other Missouri state and federal officials have criticized the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers river management.

The Missouri House has passed a $30 billion state operating budget that begins in July. The spending plan heads to the Senate.

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