A delivery driver is paralyzed for life after being shot in the back Tuesday during a handicapped parking spot dispute in eastern Missouri’s St. Charles. 65-year-old Larry Thomlison of St. Charles got into a scuffle with the driver, who was illegally parked. When 21-year-old Jaylen Walker walked away from the brief exchange, Thomlison allegedly pulled out a gun and shot him.

Larry Thomlison

During a press conference, St. Charles County Prosecutor Tim Lohmar says self-defense is not a valid argument for Thomlison to make.

“It was very clear. Officers, when they questioned him, they gave him the opportunity to explain in whatever detail he wanted to why he may have felt threatened. There’s not one piece of evidence that would show he could have reasonably felt threatened,” he says.

Lohmar says Thomlison showed a clear and reckless disregard for human life.

“This guy was somebody who should’ve known better,” Lohmar says. “He’s been through the St. Charles Citizens Police Academy not once, but twice. He has his concealed carry permit. So, he knows when he’s authorized and when he’s not authorized to discharge a weapon.”

St. Louis television station KSDK reports that Walker worked two jobs, has a one-year-old son and wanted to go back to school to play college basketball. His other job was as a personal trainer.

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