The University of Missouri has filed its Notice of Appeal with the NCAA Division I Infractions Appeals Committee, Mizzou Director of Athletics Jim Sterk announced. The appeal was filed late Thursday afternoon.

“We believe that the Committee on Infractions abused its discretion in applying penalties to the University of Missouri Athletics program, and we look forward to appearing before the Appeals Committee in the future to present our case,” Sterk said. “Mizzou’s case involved an isolated incident within our program, however, the penalties applied are overly harsh, not in line with established precedent and negatively impact student-athletes who chose to attend the University of Missouri and had nothing to do with the actions of one rogue individual.

“It appears that our cooperation throughout this process went largely unnoticed, which I believe will have a chilling effect and force other institutions to take a different approach in dealing with these type issues, which will not be in the best interest of the NCAA or intercollegiate athletics,” he added.

The University’s appeal team will be headed by Bond, Schoeneck & King’s Mike Glazier, who has worked side-by-side with Mizzou on this case since the fall of 2016. Mizzou will also be working with other legal advisors throughout the appeals process.

The NCAA Infractions Appeals Committee will acknowledge receipt of Mizzou’s Appeal Notice in a timely manner, and the University will then have 30 days to file its written appeal. The entire process is expected to take a minimum of six months to complete.