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3:00-It’s still an “Us vs. Them” mentality in the St. Louis media when it comes to the NFL in L.A.  I’ll run through some figures and stats and cut through the spin. Conclusion?  The NFL is better off in L.A. than St. Louis.

7:50-The biggest reason the Rams left St. Louis to go back out west is now the same reason Major League Soccer is hesitant to award St. Louis it’s next franchise.

13:40-My Mizzou-Tennessee preview.  How Torrence and Tilmon can play a role in tonight’s matchup.

17:00-George Young from KFRU/KLIK radio is my guest.  He read the NCAA’s investigative findings into Mizzou’s rogue tutor.  When you hear the results, the penalties will upset you even more.