In 2018, statewide standardized test scores show Asian students within Missouri’s K-12 public school system outpaced their white counterparts in Social Studies, Math and even English Language Arts.

Achievement gap continues for many Missouri minority students

American Indian and Alaska Native students scored within single digits of their white counterparts.

African-Americans struggled the most. White students outpace African-Americans and Hispanics by double digits in the subjects tested.

Science test scores are not figured into the 2018 results. New science assessments will be given during the existing school year.

Overall, about 49% of Missouri K-12 public school students are proficient in English Language Arts. They are most skilled in Social Studies with roughly 66% scoring a passing grade. Students struggle most in math. Last year, about 42% of students met the test’s proficiency level in math.

English proficiency levels
Asian: 64
White: 55
American Indian/Alaska native: 46
Hispanic: 40
Blacks: 26

Math proficiency levels
Asian: 64
White: 48
American Indian/Alaska native: 40
Hispanic: 33
Blacks: 19

Social Studies proficiency levels
Asian: 76
White: 70
American Indian/Alaska native: 62
Hispanic: 57
Blacks: 44

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