According to 2018 statewide standardized test score information, about 49% of Missouri public school students are proficient in English. They are most skilled in Social Studies with roughly 66% meeting the subject’s benchmarks. Students struggle the most in math. Last year, about 42% of students passed the math portion of the exam.

Half of Missouri public school students proficient in English; Kids score highest in Social Studies

Science test scores are not figured into results because students completed the test in the field. New science assessments will be given during the current school year.

The exams included new learning standards to measure academic achievement within Missouri’s K-12 public school system. For that reason, state education officials caution that results from previous years cannot be compared.

More than 413,000 3-8 grade students and another 175,000 high schoolers took the statewide assessments in 2018.

The state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education says more than 97 percent of Missouri districts and charter schools scored at least 70 percent of the possible points on their Annual Performance Report (APR). For public school districts, this places them in the fully accredited range. Under current regulations, charter schools do not receive an accreditation classification.

Normandy School District in the St. Louis region scored a 67.5 APR – below the fully accredited range. The APR is, however, five percent higher than the previous year’s score and a major increase from 2015’s APR of 30.4. Education officials have been focusing more time and resources on boosting the district’s performance levels.

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